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We are a Paris naturist, gay association.
We organize activities for our members : vacations, week-ends, picnics, massage workshops etc...And we also organize parties opened to non-members...

Hi everyone,
We are ready for our new activity open to the public which which will be held in the heart of Paris...
The name is : Clan Nature Party
So remember that every first sunday of the month (except jumy and august, we are on the beach !) from 3pm to 10pm: THE NEXT 87 Rue Saint Honoré 75002 Paris M°: Louvre-Rivoli
We want to add something new to gay naturism in Paris, and are continuing to work on new ideas.
We want to create the same ambiance for our public events that we find in our private "members only" events…just the right mix…Sex (ofcourse), friendship, no attitude, everyone at ease. So you, the participants, will be the actors in our little party.
The quality of the Next is a great help. In fact, the Clan Nature will now run a beautiful night club, not just a backroom, for the first time in a long time.

The place is magnificent. The street level is very welcoming , with it's bar and cocktail tables.
Downstairs, you find 1 large room, plus all a range of small cabins (with open doors !), a bar...
All that said, there will be of course the sexual side that we all love, little corners, where all who wish can share those hot moments.
This gay naturist evening could very well resemble those in Berlin, in an old theater that are held on Sundays also.
There will also be a naked DJ, with music adapted to our desires.

The members of Clan Nature present will be in white bow ties.

Hope to see you soon,
Stéphane, President of Clan Nature gay naturist association

contact@clannature.com or secretaire@clannature.com